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Electronic Snap Circuits by Elenco is an award-winning toy for budding engineers eight years old and above. The SC-300 model includes over 60 parts for creating more than 300 exciting projects. With lights, sounds, motors, and more, you'll not only enjoy creating beeping games, but also learn about basic electronics as well!


Real Electronic Parts
Electronic Snap Circuits includes real circuit components just like the circuit boards inside radios, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices. This set makes it easy for anyone to create simple electronic circuits and devices. To operate, you simply snap the electronic elements onto a plastic grid, and then connect them together with wire pieces that snap easily into place.

The SC-300 lets you build electronic devices such as a whistle chip, speaker, alarm circuit, LED, lamp socket, fan motor, and a speaker. Additional pieces can be purchased separately, or in different models, and they can all be used together to create larger and more elaborate projects.  Click here for details!


Snap_Circuits_SC-300_-_2009_ChristmasToyStore_Gift_Recommendation says:

Fun Factor:


The Good: Makes learning about electronics fun.

The Bad: Physics principles can be difficult to understand.

In a Nutshell: Interactive, hands-on way of playing with electronics that is fun and educational. 


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