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Rainy days and indoor playtime don't have to be boring: with the Leap Frog Zippity, preschoolers can get on their feet and get moving, all while playing interactive, educational video games that feature favorite Disney characters. The Zippity is designed for children ages three to five.  


Designed to get kids moving and learning, the Zippity is an educational video game system that preschool-age children play by stepping, dancing, and jumping, and moving their arms. The system consists of a main unit, which the child uses to control the onscreen game, and a console that plugs into any television with a standard video/audio input. Both the main unit and the console require four "C" batteries each, as well as a Phillips screwdriver to install them.


The main unit, which requires minimal assembly, is essentially an oversized joy stick--so instead of sitting sedately with a game controller in hand, kids play the Zippity game with their whole body and get plenty of gross motor coordination practice. It consists of a large activity mat with different colored sections, and the "bopper," which is a joystick-like pole that requires big arm movements for moving backward, forward, and side to side.  Click here for details!




Fun factor:
Ease of assembly:
Educational factor:
Novelty factor:

The Good: Video game features calibrating levels that customize to preschoolers' ability

The Challenging: Younger preschoolers may find games challenging but will grow into them

In a Nutshell: Video game system gets preschoolers jumping and dancing while making learning fun

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