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Choose your Bakugan and battle up to three opponents in the Bakugan Bakubowl. With the Bakugan Bakubowl, you can exploit any of the four Bakuramps and catch some air to sneak up on your opponent. Take advantage of the enhanced traction and use side spin for accuracy. And you can also use your Bakuramps to store your Bakugan and Gate Cards before deploying them into battle. And when it's time to travel for battle, slide the Bakubowl and Bakuramps in the included CarryMat and hit the road. With the Bakugan Bakubowl, battle will never be the same again.


Designed for Attacks and Battles
With any battle, it's critical to outmaneuver your enemy. With the Bakugan Bakubowl, you can fly off the ramps and execute a sneak attack from behind, thanks to the four Bakuramps that line the edge of the Bakubowl. (Be careful -- sneak attacks using the ramps are mastered only by a select few.)  Compared to the Bakuboard, the Bakubowl offers greater advantages for battles. The Bakubowl is made of a durable nylon that offers greater durability with less weight, as well as greater traction for you Bakugan. The four ramps quadruple the strategic opportunities in battle. Simply put, the Bakubowl has a unique, dynamic design.  What's in the Box: BakuMat, CarryBag, and four ramps. (Bakugan and Gate Cards sold separately.)


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