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A special, first-edition plush polar bear from Gund, the Amazon Toy Catalog Mascot Bear is a fun, lovable addition to your child's nursery or even your office cubicle. This extra-soft white bear sports a long, blue winter cap with white accents on the cuff, a blue and white tassel, and an embroidered logo, making it as cute as can be.


This Gund plush toy is made of high-quality, plush materials with an attention to detail; his fur is unbelievably soft, the detailed pads on his paws are designed to last, and his hat is made of knit fabric, just like the cap you pull over your ears on cool days, and features the famous logo in bold white across the front. The bear's ears also poke out through an opening in the cap, making him even more adorable.  Click here for details!



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