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How to Find That Popular Toy!

First and foremost, it's never too early to start your Christmas and holiday shopping, especially if your child has a very popular toy on his or her list.  This is a general guide for locating the popular item your child wants without paying over retail.


3 Steps to Finding the Popular Toy in Stores:

1) Find which stores the popular product is sold at. You can easily find this out by visiting the manufacturer's website of the specific product you are looking for.  Each manufacturer will list where you can find it's products.

2) Call each store first thing in the morning and ask to speak with someone in the department that the product is found in or ask to speak with a manager.  Nicely ask when the store receives its shipments in general as well as for the product you are looking for.  Also, find out when they last had the item in stock and when they expect to receive that popular item again.  This works even better in person, as you can develop a rapport with the store employees.  Most of the time, the employees don't know or will just tell you what you want to hear to send you on your way.  Therefore, visiting the store to do this step is in your best interest.

3) Once you know the day that shipments are received, stop by the store on that day either first thing or at the time you know when the store will put new merchandise out on the retail floor.  Most employees can tell you this second piece of information.


This simple bit of information should make finding the popular toy this year more bearable without paying over retail.


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Edit:  Additionally, we have great tips in our forums on how to find the popular Sing-A-Ma-Jigs at your local stores.  Also, our Hot Products Tracker keeps tabs on the stock status of the Sing-A-Ma-Jigs and other popular products that are sold on

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